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Catalyst for Change

The Peacebuilding and Development Institute in Sri Lanka, PDI-SL, is a unique initiative offering locally led and internationally recognised training, capacity building and research programmes for conflict-affected areas in South Asia.

Economic Dimensions

Economic Dimensions of Peacebuilding

Designed for South Asia-based development agencies and peacebuilding organizations with ongoing or planned economic recovery and development work in war-conflict areas.

Youth Leadership

Youth Leadership and Advocacy for Peacebuilding

Primarily for young leaders (up to 30 years), supporting them to carve out roles within their communities and building their skills to be effective advocates and leaders.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Conflict Sensitive Monitoring and Evaluation

Approaches monitoring and evolution from a practical learning perspective and introduces theories of change, indicators of change, monitoring exercises, evaluation designs and a variety of tools for reflective practices.

Religion & Peacebuilding

A retreat in collaboration with the Henry Martyn Institute in India.

Open to all those who wish to see the impact of religious and cultural understanding on sustainable development. Open to both clergy members and others. Specifically for those in policy making, media, corporate and development sectors.

Psychosocial Support

Mental Health & Psychosocial Support in Conflict & Post Conflict

For Psychosocial Practitioners and Program managers working in mental health and psychosocial programming in diverse conflict situations.

Youth Voice for Change

Youth Leadership and Advocacy (In Sinhala & Tamil languages)

Will bring together youth from across the island from different regions and ethnic groups. This training will focus more on innovative and practical ways to bring changes among communities.

Theatre & Storytelling

Personal Storytelling Workshop

Uses a range unique approaches linking performance, music, visual arts, reflective storytelling and puppetry to focus on youth empowerment to create a discursive space for emerging leaders.

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